Fatih Mehmet Özcan

Access my accomplished works

A340 Meeting Room: Table, Side Ledges Design and Assembly

  • Assembled on adapter plates from complete strip down of specific frame range
  • Table and seats location taken from IPC and crosschecked on the A/C
  • Designed from scratch

Stretcher Project Migration

  • Converted all drawings for compliance with Part21.J regulations
  • Developed necessary macros to work on more than 300 pages of document
  • Created an assembly walkthrough animation video

Stretcher Instruction Card

  • Created an instruction card on how to use the stretcher for crew members and families of patients

AirnavX PDF Generator

  • Developed a web-based program to automate jobcard downloads
  • Legacy way was to enter each single MPD, which was tedious to work if package contained hundreds of tasks
  • Created with JavaScript

Autocad Layout Automation

  • Selects and setup layouts for printing
  • Selected for best innovation of the yearly quarter

Insert Selection Helper

  • Engineer selects related composite thickness, connection type and other necessary options for the outcome of to decide which insert should be used
  • Can generated CAD data for Catia and SolidWorks with selected dimensions
  • Selected for best innovation of the yearly quarter

Trax Import File Creator

  • Searches listed tasks numbers and updates corresponding values required for Trax workorders
  • Involves an inside program that crates new NRC import files

Tubular Tower Section Generator

  • A DriveWorksXpress projects that generates with desired values from a template
  • Even faster than which programs made solely for tower design
  • Solid innovation for the company